2014 UAHS Career Development Awardees

PI: Cristine E. Berry, MD
Mentor: Fernando Martinez, MD
“The Impact of Early Life Exposures on Lung Function Trajectory: Childhood Origins of COPD”

PI: Pavani Chalasani, MD, MPH
Mentor: Mark D. "Marty'' Pagel, PhD
“Optimizing AcidoCEST MRI as a Novel Method for Measuring Tumor pH in Breast Cancer Patients”

PI: Ankit A. Desai, MD
Mentor: Joe GN Garcia, MD
“Sudden Death and Sickle Cell Disease – An Electrophysiological and Molecular investigation”

PI: Francine C. Gachupin, PhD
Mentor: Scott B. Going, PhD
“American Indian Youth Wellness Initiative”

PI: Amol Patwardhan, MD, PhD
Mentor: Frank Porreca, PhD
"Intraoperative TRPV1 antagonist for treatment of hypothermia and postoperative pain"

PI: May Khanna, PhD
Mentor: Todd Vanderah, PhD
“Designer Drugs for Chronic Pain: Indirect Targeting of Nav 1.7”

PI: Christian Bime, MD
Mentor: Sairam Parthasarathy MD
“Genetic and Non-Genetic Contributors to ARDS Outcomes”

PI: Katri Typpo, MD
Mentor: Fayez K. Ghishan, MD
“Intestinal Barrier Function and Post Operative Enteral Nutrition for Children with Congenital Heart Disease”