Participating in ABI

Patients seen at Banner – University Medical Center can join the University of Arizona Health Sciences biospecimen initiative (ABI), a project to study genetic and other factors that may lead to reasons for and treatments of chronic health conditions.

What is the ABI?

The University of Arizona Health Sciences biospecimen initiative (ABI) is a resource for research on how genetic and other factors can lead to chronic health conditions such as asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. ABI supports studies on genetic and other factors that can lead to these and other diseases. If you join the biorepository, our researchers will use samples of your blood and your medical history for research. By taking part in this project, you are helping efforts to predict, prevent and treat diseases for generations to come.

How Do I Participate?

If you decide to join the project, we will be asked to complete an informed consent form and provide a small blood sample (3-½ tablespoons). This blood sample and information from your electronic health record will be stored by the University of Arizona for future studies.

Joining this project is optional. Your choice to join will not affect the care you get at Banner – University Medical Center.

To learn more about the study and review our consent form (PDF) click here.

How Is My Privacy Protected?

We take patient privacy very seriously. After you join ABI, we will:

  • Use your information for research only.
  • Keep your information private so that only researchers and certain staff can see it.
  • Keep your identity separate from research records. We will give each person’s sample a unique study number and the numbers will not be matched to identities

As part of ABI, we may:

  • Use your Banner – University Medical Center medical records for research only.
  • Ask you in the future to provide more information or more blood samples or to participate in additional studies (you can always say no now or later if you wish)

Will I Get Results of Testing Done on my Blood Samples?

We do not expect to send any personal results to patients who join. However, we may send a letter to participants updating them on general results from research supported by ABI.

What are the Risks of Joining?

The main risk from joining this project is losing some of your privacy. We will protect your samples and information as best as we can. However, we cannot guarantee that your information will not be seen by others not part of our research team. We do not expect this to happen, though, as it is very unlikely. Please note that the Biorepository operates under institutionally approved oversight that meets all state and federal regulations for human research. 

If you choose to join, please read the consent form (PDF) fully and ask any questions that you may have beforehand. This form will fully explain all of the risks and gains of taking part in the project. It will also give more information about the types of research that your sample could be used for.