Price List

Service Price Quantity
Viable specimen banking $20-50 each
Specimen phenotyping $10-20 each
Subpopulation isolation/banking $20-50 each
DNA/RNA/Protein isolation $10-20 each
Regulatory assistance $75 per hour
Banked Frozen tissue specimen $50 300 mg
Fresh Tissue specimen $50 per each sample
Formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue specimen $40 per block
Banked frozen serum/plasma specimen $40 per 0.5ml
Banked leukocyte DNA specimen $50  
Tissue Procurement $60 per each sample
Serum/plasma procurement/processing $60 per case
Tissue procurement during non-business hours $200  
H&E frozen section $30 per slide
Unstained frozen section $25 per slide
Additional unstained frozen section $7 per slide
H&E paraffin section $30 per slide
Pathology report distilled $19 per report
Review of slides by Pathologist $45 15 Minutes
Tissue Microarray Services Inquire  

*Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice.