Specimen Search

AZiCATS investigators are encouraged to contact the Biorepository Director to assess the general feasibility of specimen requests.  Alternatively, or as a starting point, investigators can search for available, suitable specimens using the AZiCATS Clinical Data Warehouse:

» To request tissue specimens or other services, please submit an Online Service Request Form
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All specimen retrieval requests are reviewed by the Biorepository Advisory Committee to ensure appropriate and equitable distribution of services and limited tissue resources. For approved requests, specimens will be distributed only after receiving a copy of the investigator’s IRB approval letter, a signed Data Use Agreement and a signed Use Agreement.

All materials should be sent to:

David T Harris, PhD
Executive Director
1501 N Campbell Ave.
UAHS 6122, PO Box 245221
Tucson, AZ  85724-5221

(520) 626-5127