Research Resources

Resources available for researchers, faculty, students, volunteers, and patients alike are important to the clinical and translational research being done at the University of Arizona.  The AZiCATS website provides research resources including information on core services, facilities, policies, protocol submissions, research ethics, and volunteering for studies.

UAHS Office of Research Administration

The Office of Research Administration within the University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS) provides concierge-level service to all UAHS investigators in support of research pre- and post-award activities, including sponsored project application submission, contract negotiation, clinical trials, and compliance support.

In providing a centralized consortium of research administration professionals, the Office is a one-stop shop for interactions with sponsors and central campus administrative units including the Sponsored Projects Services, Office of Contracting & Research Services, and the IRB. 

» For more information, please visit the UAHS Office of Research Administration website