AZiCATS Biospecimen Initiative (ABI)

The University of Arizona Health Sciences biospecimen initiative (ABI) advances disease-based research by providing patient data and  biospecimens (e.g., blood, tissue, DNA, etc.) to help researchers understand how genes and other factors contribute to health problems.

Physicians and scientists at the University of Arizona have long been at the forefront of advances in medical research. Within the University of Arizona Health Sciences, we are working to advance this legacy by pioneering new models of advanced, multispecialty integrated care, expanding patient education and prioritizing new, ground-breaking research initiatives by asking patients and family members to participate in accelerating the development of our biorepository.

A biorepository is a collection of blood and other biological samples that are obtained and stored for future investigation. It serves as a resource for clinicians and scientists who conduct research to learn how genes and other factors contribute to conditions such as asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders, and other chronic health conditions. Patients who participate allow our researchers to use their biological samples and information from their medical history as tools for medical research. By taking part in this initiative, individuals contribute to research (both today and in the future) that may help in predicting, preventing and treating diseases for generations to come.

Contributing to the Future of Precision Health

The goal of ABI is to create a robust resource to support researchers who will contribute to the future of personalized health. We envision a future where doctors can treat patients using methods that are precisely targeted to patients’ individual needs. ABI helps achieve this goal by:

  • Incorporating innovative research into patient care
  • Providing opportunities for participants to take part in clinical studies
  • Facilitating high-quality research in the areas of genetics and personalized medicine
  • Fostering collaboration among researchers throughout the University of Arizona Health Sciences and Banner University Medicine

Participating in ABI

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